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Community Training

We offer training courses on a range of topics related to free & open source software development. Below is a sample cross-section of the topics which we have previously covered in client training:

  • General community development
    • What are the best practices for community communication
    • What are the legal issues around the use of free software (that I should be aware of)?
    • Cost/benefit analysis of working upstream vs working independently & merging afterwards vs maintaining a branch out-of-tree
    • What are the community rules and norms for communication & behaviour?
    • How can I handle all this email and still get work done?
    • How do I grow a community around a free software project?
  • Developer topics

    Community Software Development brochure

    • Best practices in packaging and releasing software
    • Asking questions that get answers on mailing lists
    • Using Git to generate reviewable patches
    • Getting patches accepted upstream
    • How can I influence the projects I work with?
    • What’s involved in maintaining software and packages?
    • How can I work more effectively with volunteer developers?
  • Management topics:
    • The business case for working with free software
    • Helping team members communicate & work in the community
    • Drawing up a community-friendly roadmap
    • How can I enable community developers?
    • What criteria should I be looking when hiring a community developer?
    • Do I need a community manager?

Custom training courses tailored to your needs are available on request.

Consulting Services

Our services include:

  • A guide to contributing to  free software community – infrastructure and communication channels, principal maintainers, procedures for submitting modifications
  • An audit of your current development practices, interaction with communities, and objectives
  • Putting in place community metrics and dashboard infrastructure, to allow you to track your community’s growth in real time
  • Proposal of measures that your organisation can take to improve productivity and achieve your goals, adapted to your budget, your development teams and your objectives
  • Follow-up training, and on-site project management during the transitional period while your team adapts to the free software community
  • Audits of your licence usage, and clear and simple explanations of the consequences of licence choice for your products
  • Boot-strapping the release of a product under a Free Software licence – from licence choice and an audit of copyright, training of internal teams, setting up and rolling out infrastructure, and post-launch communication and project management


The work we do varies wildly from one client to another, so it is difficult to give hard & fast numbers for our cost. Our rates depend on the type of service requested, and the duration of the partnership.

Nevertheless, we can give a general idea of cost based on past clients. An audit of your existing community processes, and the preparation of a handbook to advise you on the future development of your community, could cost anywhere between €6000 and €10 000, depending on the scope of the review you request. For general consulting work, we charge €150 per hour, available in 40 hour blocks, excluding expenses, which can be used during the year. Due to the time investment required, training services for small groups can cost up to €5,000 per day, depending on the preparation time involved. For groups of 5 or more, we offer per-participant pricing, at €800 per participant per day. Longer interventions in the role of project or community manager are billed at €850 per day.

If this price schedule doesn’t suit your needs or budget, let us know. We may be able to work something out.

Past projects

GNOME Census

The GNOME census is a detailed report on the GNOME project, including analysis of which companies are contributing to GNOME, how much, and why, and the effects of commercialisation on the GNOME community. The project is available to download now.

GNOME Community Development Training

We worked with the GNOME Foundation